Wednesday, December 28, 2011

James White: The Gospel for Muslims

"How often did we hear this evening: the Muslim must do this, and the Muslim must do that, and the Muslim must fast—Sami told us he fasted today because its Ramadan—and we must pray, and we must go on Hajj, and we must do all these things; you start by saying the Shahada—you have to do all these things! The Muslim does, does, does, and the Christian says Jesus Christ did perfectly in my place. He [Sami] says 'oh, but you need to take responsibility!' My friends, everything that Sami this evening has told us he does, and that the Muslim must do, is as filthy rags before a holy God. He said, 'we Muslims we are very, very humble'; if you think that your fastings, and your pilgrimages, and your giving of zakat, and your getting up and doing the Fajr prayer at 4:20 in the morning during the summer is somehow going to impress a holy God, you haven't met the God of the Bible. Because as soon as you take even the slightest bit of satisfaction in what you have done, you have sullied those things. Those things will not avail before a Holy God. That is not humility, that is the very pride of self righteousness that keeps a person from hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ." Minute 4:52-6:15

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